Friday, September 7, 2012

Nova Throws A Bullpen Session & Girardi Looks Dumb

Yesterday before the embarrassing loss to the Baltimore Orioles Ivan Nova threw a 30 pitch bullpen session in wake of him being eligible to come off the DL as soon as tomorrow. Ivan Nova was getting bombed before being put on the DL with shoulder inflammation, granted, but now reports are saying that Nova's spot in the rotation is once again not guaranteed. I am hoping that this is just posturing or trying to light a fire under Nova or seeing if lightning can strike twice and not Joe Girardi really being okay with Freddy Garcia in the starting rotation. We're probably about 20-21 days away from an Andy Pettitte return, setbacks or miracles withstanding, so to even fathom Nova in the pen over Garcia just really makes me wonder why and if Joe Girardi is REALLY becoming Joe Torre version 2.0.

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