Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hughes Will Start Game 4

Joe Girardi has said that Phil Hughes will start game 4, regardless of what happens tonight. I understand this move, as Phil was either going to possibly face elimination, or would certainly be facing elimination. Mike Axisa at River Ave Blues made the point that Girardi shouldn't have made this announcement at all, since they could change their mind tomorrow if they are indeed facing elimination, and thus it would look like a panic move. On top of that it could make Phil feel like crap, but I don't see the big deal.


  1. I understand the logic of coming out with it now, especially if we lose. If we lose and bring CC back for game 4 and we win... we have Hughes in a game 5. Either way we're gonna have to win two games with CC and Hughes if we lose tonight. You want to limit the exposure and nerves of Hughes and you do that at home (check) and in Game 4, not game 5. You cant play for tomorrow though so whatever.