Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Backs Against The Wall.... Again

You know I had this typed out and was fully ready to click post before Raul Ibanez got here with some ghosts from across the street. I feel like posting it anyway so if you don't like it, blame A Rod. 

The Yankees will go into tomorrow night's game with their backs against the walls for the second consecutive season in the ALDS. Last year the Yankees lost in 4 games to the Detroit Tigers and this year the Yankees are down 2-1 against the Baltimore Orioles. Joe Girardi remains adamant that he will pitch Phil Hughes tomorrow and I cannot say I disagree. You can only play for today and not tomorrow but if you throw CC in game 4 then your right back to having Hughes for game 5 or Andy on a shorter rest then normal. Either way the offense is ridiculous so it does not really matter who pitches at this point. If Kuroda can give the Yankees 8.1 IP in Yankees Stadium and only give up two runs there should be zero reason I am posting this. The Yankees should crush guys like Miguel Gonzalez and Wei-Yin Chen. The Yankees offense got it's act together to get in the post season and seems like they stopped to take a breathe and blink and forgot where they were, it is pathetic.

Derek Jeter is hobbling around on one leg and has been for the better part of 2 months and the Yankees cannot show any fire? I understand the professionalism and I even defended the calm and somber "celebration" when we won the AL East but Jesus H. Christ guys. This is October, get pissed off, throw a water cooler, show us that you actually care about something other then a guaranteed contract and your endorsement deals. I have personally given my everything to this team this season both in my writings and my heart and I fully expect results. I am always crushed when I do not get said results and this year would be worse since we fought to get in. Don't make me have this rant again Yankees... get it done.

Hiroki Kuroda pitched his ass off, so did CC, and so did Andy. Jeter is hobbling around on one leg, Ichiro is breaking out Japanese Kung Fu moves reserved only for his girlfriend, hell even Russell Martin brought his bat to the game once. This team lacks heart and grit and the will to actually give a flying... well you know I try to keep this site PG 13 so I will end this rant with this... George Steinbrenner stays as our logo in the header for this site for one reason and one reason only, nothing mattered to him more then winning. Nothing matters to me more then winning, so just win dammit! Oh and thank you lord for Raul Ibanez, seriously thank you.

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