Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ichiro Signs With Yanks 1 Year $5 Million

EDIT: Erik Boland says that there is "no truth" to the report that the Yankees and Ichiro have agreed to a deal. I expect the team to look for a better starter to take over for Swisher before either signing Ichiro as the starter or backup.

Japans news sports outlet Nikkan is reporting that Ichiro Suzuki and the New York Yankees have agreed upon a one year deal worth $5 million plus incentives. I will update this when more information becomes available and when I am not mobile. This is a great depth signing but if this is Swishers replacement I cannot say that I am jumping for joy here honestly.


  1. I would be great if they could sign Swisher at 11-12 millions for 3 years, keep Ichiro and trade Curtis Granderson, that way Ichiro could play CF, Gardner LF and Swish RF and receive a couple of youngsters in the Granderson trade while retaining their payroll and not taking a big hit in production (Curtis is AWFUL with men on base and RISP, produces a lot but only with homeruns and most of them are solo shots).

  2. Grandy actually had a higher batting average with men on base or in scoring position than he did with nobody on. And he did hit 14 of his home runs with runners on too, which is not bad.

    If I believed the return from trading Granderson would be good, then I'd be good with your plan. But Curtis is not the type of player to get a big return, mainly due to the fact he only has one year remaining on his contract. Big returns come from trading players with team control or cheap contract years in their future.

    I'm beginning to like the idea of adding Victorino or Pagan to the current outfield that has Granderson and Gardner.


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