Monday, November 5, 2012

TGP Yankees Awards : Most Outstanding Hitter

The Yankees most Outstanding Hitter goes to... Robinson Cano!

No brainer here, right? Who else hit the ball better then Robinson Cano in pinstripes this season? If it were not for a triple crown winner in Miguel Cabrera and a perpetual hard on for Mike Trout who has done nothing all that special that has not been done before (see Andruw Jones) Robinson Cano would be right in the thick of the MVP discussion for 2012. Let's dive deeper into Cano's season:

In Cano's age 29 season he put up a triple slash of .313/.379/.550 while posting a .929 OPS to go with his 33 home runs, a new career high, 94 RBIs, 48 doubles, 105 runs, and 196 hits for the Yankees. This was also Cano's 4th All Star Game appearance in 8 seasons with the Yankees. Cano put up a well above average 8.2 WAR this season, also a new career high, all while putting up his second lowest error total of his career in the field with 6.

Congratulations to Robinson Cano for winning TGP's first annual Most Outstanding Hitter award!!

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