Friday, November 30, 2012

Yankees Have Shown Little Interest In Pierzynski & Napoli

Things can surely change, but according to George King the Yankees have not shown much interest in AJ Pierzynski.

This is hardly a surprise, as AJ is not the most respected player on the field. The Yankees like their players to be upstanding citizens. For instance, Curtis Granderson is very well-known for his charity work and being an all-around good guy, and that was talked about a lot when the Yankees traded for him.

When I wrote about free agent catchers in my Offseason Decisions series at the end of the World Series I mentioned Pierzynski, and listed him in the "maybe" category. Having a catcher hit .284/.324/.429 with 15 HR a season would be great (that's AJ's career batting line, and his 162 game average in home runs), and he's also a fine defensive catcher, but I'd rather look elsewhere for a backstop.

As for that Offseason Decisions post, I put Mike Napoli in the "yes" category. Unfortunately I didn't take into account that Napoli only caught in 72 games last season, and likely couldn't catch much more than that. Not to mention how well he'd be at it. So while the offense would be nice, he wouldn't be a good fit.

Which is good, since Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Yankees aren't really interested in Mike either.

Not that there's much to choose from in free agency, so the Ninja would have to work more of his dark magic.

To the rescue!

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