Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Linked To PED Use.... Again

I know that I am a little late to the party but early this morning Alex Rodriguez was once again linked to performance enhancing drug use when a probe over PED use in a Miami clinic called Biogensis has linked some baseball superstars to the use of illegal steroids. The stars besides Alex Rodriguez included former teammate and recently busted Melky Cabrera. Chad Jennings from Lohud has all the details as to what Alex supposedly bought how much he paid and when he did it so I will redirect you over there rather than try and explain it all because I cannot do it as well as he did.

A name that we all will be hearing a lot in the next coming season will be Anthony Boesch who ran the clinic in Miami and who's personal notebook has become the talk of the town today after the probe. A personal notebook containing around 50 Major League Baseball players names, what steroid they used, when they purchased it, and how much they paid that contained Alex Rodriguez's name a whopping sixteen times in it beginning in the 2009 season and all the way through last season in 2012.

The Yankees have responded with a generic company line of "no comment" but Alex Rodriguez has went on a full fledged denial of the accusations, which should come as no surprise to anyone. The Yankees are now reportedly looking into voiding the final 5 years and $114 million of his contract due to the allegations. In response to this and the PED probe Alex has hired a lawyer, Roy Black, to represent him in the cases to come.

My question is if this is Alex Rodriguez on steroids just how terrible is he going to be without them? Another question is will he ever play again? I am starting to wonder if he ever will. Only time will tell and I am sure this is far from the last thing that we will hear about this case.

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