Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mariano Rivera Should Announce 2014 Plans Soon

Mariano Rivera was toying with the possibility of retiring after the 2012 season but ultimately decided to come back for another season in 2013. When asked about his plans after this season Rivera tells reporters that he has made up his mind and will not share with the rest of the class until a later time, some time before the beginning of the season starts. Mariano Rivera will be entering his age 43 season and coming off of an ACL surgery you have to wonder how much Mo really has left but I have never been one to doubt the right hand of God and I do not plan on starting now. My gut says that there is no way Rivera comes back for an age 44 season in 2014 but stranger things have happened I guess.

Rivera threw a bullpen today of about 25 pitches which is odd for him on the first day but after missing much of the 2012 season I can see why. Rivera will undoubtedly throw more then he normally does this Spring to knock the rust off his delivery and mechanics but still plans on sticking to about 8 IP of regular Grapefruit League games. Shockingly Rivera still plans on shagging fly balls before games to stay in shape according to what he told reporters today which makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Here's to hoping Mariano has a healthy and effective 2013 season and maybe saves his farewell tour for after the 2014 season.

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