Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yankees Announce 2013 DSL 1 Roster

The Yankees have announced their 2013 Dominican Summer League 1 roster and in honor of "Prospects Month" here on The Greedy Pinstripes we wanted to bring it to you first. For the official Yankees DSL 1 website and news please go HERE. Here is the Yankees DSL 1 roster:


Jose Pena
Roberto de la Rosa
Rafael De Paula
Luis Cedeno
Joaquin Acuna
Edwin Rodriguez
Daury Aquino
Freddery Arias
Gean Batista
Havid Burgos
Erick Canela
Samuel Garcia
Fernando Jose
Reynaldo Polanco
Francis Joseph
Dallas Martinez
Luis Severino
Braudy Perez


Roybell Herrera
Jose Lopez
Daniel Vavrusa
Rainiero Coa


Melvin Aquino
Abiatal Avelino
Abraham Ramos
Jose Javier
Renzo Martini
Allison Reyes
Christopher Tamarez


Jose Polanco
Jose Figueroa
Julio Pina
Miguel Mojica
Wilmer Romero
Sandy Brito
Edwin Fulgencio

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