Friday, March 8, 2013

Fangraphs Releases Top 15 Yankees Prospect List

Fangraphs has released theit top 15 Yankees prospect list, seen HERE, and it may raise some eyebrows after the usual suspects in the top four slots. Click over there to see the full list and write up with 2012 stats but I will post what everyone really wants to see here.

1. Mason Williams
2. Gary Sanchez
3. Slade Heathcott
4. Tyler Austin
5. Jose Campos
6. Angelo Gumbs
7. Brett Marshall
8. Ty Hensley
9. Jose Ramirez
10. Mark Montgomery
11. Manny Banuelos
12. Bryan Mitchell
13. Austin Romine
14. David Adams
15. JR Murphy

Putting Jose Ramirez in the top 10 should not shock anybody in my opinion but putting him ahead of Mark Montgomery is a crock. Sure I understand that Ramirez is a starter and Montgomery is a reliever  but Mark has been doing it more consistently and for longer than Ramirez. Oh well anything after the top seven or eight spots are usually personal preference and interchangeable anyways. Nothing to get too worked up about here, nice list.

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