Monday, April 1, 2013

Yanks fall flat on Opening Day in 8-2 loss to Red Sox

Looking back at the game, the second inning is where the Yankees fell flat. CC Sabathia made some costly pitches which resulted in the Red Sox scoring four runs off of the Yankees ace. The three run ninth inning by Joba Chamberlain didn't make matters any easier. In the end, the Yankees looked as flat as Sabathia's fastball in the fourth inning. The offense was barely existent, minus the two run single by Francisco Cervelli in the fourth. To put it in perspective, the Yankees as a team looked sluggish. So sluggish that by the time the ninth inning rolled around, no one was in their seats.

The Yankees had one chance to score some more runs in the seventh when Cervelli and Brett Gardner got on base with back to back walks, but Eduardo Nunez, Robinson Cano and Kevin Youkilis struck out to end the inning, and any chance of the Yankees coming back in the game.

The Yankees pitching wasn't as sharp either. David Phelps was able to tightrope out of danger in the sixth inning due to a base-running blunder by Jacoby Ellsbury, but the seventh was where everything fell apart. Phelps gave up a run with the assistance of Boone Logan, Chamberlain gave up three in the ninth. Now it's back to the drawing board for the Yankees, as they prepare to take on the Red Sox again on Wednesday night.

Some Notes:

-- Mark Teixeira went to visit the doctor today and got the OK to take off the brace on his wrist--but he has to wear it when he works out.

-- Derek Jeter had some treatment done in Tampa today and played catch in the OF. Although Jeter could come off the DL on Saturday, I doubt he would since the Yanks want him to play a full nine innings before he returns.

-- Curtis Granderson had X-Rays on his forearm and told reporters in Tampa that his arm is feeling better. He's allowed to shag fly balls but he can't throw them back in the infield.

-- Phil Hughes pitched in an extended Spring Training game today, and went seven innings. Hughes will next pitch for Scranton Wilkes-Barre in five days, meaning he's on track to return on April 11. Girardi left open the option that Hughes could return by Saturday but David Phelps is still in line to make that start.

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  1. Was a rough Opening Day ystrday. Some observations:

    - CC had no pop as he averaged 89-90 on his FB, a full 3 MPH lower than normal. Probably just his usual slow start in the cold and wind. But more importantly, he had poor command and had some really ill-timed Walks. The Walk to Jackie Bradley with 2 on in the 2nd inning after getting ahead 0-2 was a killer.

    - BTW, that Jackie Bradley looks like he might be a nice find for Boston. Was hitless but he has a great approach at the plate and drew 3 Walks as the the hitter! Also made a great catch to rob Cano of a RBI double. All this with just 1 full year in the minors, drafted as a Sandwich pick (#40) out of college in 2011.

    - We knew the lineup was weak but it is ESPECIALLY weak vs LHP. Youkilis is the only weapon they had in the lineup yesterday! Ben Francisco hitting 6th? wow!

    - Youk looks good to me and will have a good yr if he can avoid injury. He's one of the only guys who hits the ball where it's pitched. he hit the ball hard several times and I really like his approach.

    - Vernon Wells talked about using the whole field more but in all the ABs I've sen him in ST and ystrday, it seems he's a dead pull hitter. I haven't seen a hitter rip more balls foul down the 3B/LF line since Gary Sheffield. Vernon got screwed out of a Double by the Ump but if he can get his timing better or attempt to hit the ball up the middle, he'll be a lot more successful.


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