Friday, May 24, 2013

Injury Updates

“If it was up to me, I would have been plying weeks ago,” Teixeira said. “But we really made sure there wasn’t any pain. They were like, ‘If it’s tight, if there’s any pain, you’re not allowed to swing hard.’ That took a long time. Once I got to swinging, I was letting it go. By the second or third day of swinging at full speed, I felt normal. I’ve been feeling great the last couple weeks.”
It's not unusual to hear a professional athlete talk like that, so we should take what Teixeira said with a grain of salt. Although I do believe that the team is being extra careful, as we've seen them do that with many players recently. Which is why, besides the fact that he's not key to the team, I wasn't worried about Chris Stewart's groin strain. I'm just not going to get excited about Tex's return until it actually happens.

The same can be said for Kevin Youkilis, who is going to join Teixeira in an extended Spring Training game tomorrow. Although backs can be tricky, Youk and Tex are neck and neck in their comebacks from injury.

Another injured Yankee (there are so many to choose from), Andy Pettitte, may be back soon as well. Girardi has said that Andy may not need any rehab starts, and could re-join the Yankees after a couple of simulated games instead.

Eduardo Nunez is close to returning as well, as he's expected to start playing in extended Spring Training games soon.

Out of the Yankees that have yet to return, Joba Chamberlain is the closest. Tomorrow he's scheduled to throw 2 innings, or around 30 pitches, and could be activated after that.

And the last bit of news regarding injured Yankees, which is also positive, is that Hiroki Kuroda's calf (which was hit by a line drive on Wednesday, is a little sore but otherwise okay. When asked if Hiro would make his next start, Girardi said "I don’t have any doubts right now."

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