Monday, May 13, 2013

Interesting Fact Concerning Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera is in his final season and is a perfect 15 for 15 in saves this year which got me thinking. Mariano Rivera is either tied with or has more saves then some teams have wins this season. Let's take a look at how Mariano Rivera is outperforming the winners of the off season World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays, the two Los Angeles teams throwing around all the money in the Angels and the Dodgers, and even the cross town rival New York Mets. Mariano Rivera is cementing one last time that he is the right hand of God and we will never truly appreciate and understand just what he has done for us as fans and for this baseball team. Thank you Mariano Rivera!

Mariano Rivera - 15 Saves

Los Angeles Dodgers 15-21
Chicago Cubs 15-22
Milwaukee Brewers 15-20
Miami Marlins 11-27
New York Mets 14-20
Houston Astros 10-28
Los Angeles Angels 14-23
Chicago White Sox 15-20
Toronto Blue Jays 15-24

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