Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cashman Is A Prick, End Of Story, No Caption Needed

Now I am not one to be negative, bash my team or any of its players or personnel, or even really rant but this one is a long time coming. I try and be politically correct and an optimist not because I run a blog but because thats the kind of man and fan that I am. One thing I do not have a tolerance for is being a hypocrite though and that is all I can see when I woke up this morning and read Brian Cashman's "shut the f&*k up" comment. How quickly Brian Cashman forgets his comments about Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long when he commented on Mark Teixeira's wrist setback. I believe the quote was something like :

"Some people are better with the microphone than others, let's put it that way."

Now would a quote like this one qualify as him being better with the microphone then Kevin Long or do we have a little bit of a hypocrite on our hands?

"You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something [we will]. Alex should just shut the f*#k up. That's it. I'm going to call Alex now."

I used to love Brian Cashman and put my faith in "Ninja Cash" but this guy has lost his ever loving mind. When did Brian Cashman become George Steinbrenner or grow the balls to think that he could be? Brian Cashman has one job and that is to field a team that can compete and stay healthy on the field. While I believe he got lucky more than he did his job in the competing field he has not done a great job bringing durability, versatility, or depth to the team. Maybe Brian Cashman should make sure his kitchen is clean before he goes out talking about other peoples tidiness.

I have lost all respect for Brian Cashman after the off season that he had and now after calling out publicly not only Kevin Long but Alex Rodriguez. I know there is going to be people who take either side but I am definitely Team A Rod on this one. A Rod's tweet was harmless and he wanted to show his fans and his followers that he was making progress in his rehab because here's a reality check Brian Cashman thanks to you and your less than stellar general managing we NEED A Rod, like it or not. I'm sorry but if I am running this team, and this goes to you Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, you are handing in your time card at the end of the shift this afternoon. What happened to the days of Joe Torre when we handled things internally and not through the media? And while we are at it damn that A Rod for taking the moral high ground with this quote in response to Brian Cashman being a prick.

A Rod should have let him have it but A Rod showed maturity and a, faked or not, love for the game and for the New York Yankees. All Brian Cashman has done lately is show that he has no faith in the farm system, is still stuck in the ways of trading highly touted prospects for established players, and he seems like he does not give a crap anymore. If you're tired of the New York media and the pressure and having to find a way to win with $200,000,000 plus payroll then allow me to show you the door Mr. Cashman. Alex should shut the f*#k up? No Mr. Cashman I think it is your turn to shit the f*#k up, and I mean indefinitely.


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