Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Exclusive Interview With 15th Round Pick Jordan Barnes

The Yankees used their 15th round pick in the 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft to bring in Jordan Barnes out of Northwest Mississippi. We would like to take this time now to share our latest interview with the latest Yankees outfielder. Enjoy!

The Greedy Pinstripes: Describe your draft experience for us? Stressful? Who did you speak with in the Yankees organization? etc

Jordan Barnes: I Enjoyed the entire process because ever since I started playing baseball all I've ever wanted to do was play professional baseball, so I enjoyed the process and talking to teams. My scout was Andy Cannizaro he is a great guy. 

TGP: In honor of Ian Clarkin we have to ask who your favorite team was growing up?

JB: Texas Rangers

TGP: Did you play any other positions coming up? 

JB: Pitcher and Catcher

TGP: Why has been your biggest inspiration in baseball??

JB: My parents

TGP: What is your best asset you think you bring to the table?

JB: The energy I play with , Speed, and defensive play.

TGP: What do you think you will specifically work on this year? 

JB: Having a high OBP

TGP: Where will you be starting your Yankees career? 


TGP: As a player how do you feel about the new draft rules and the slot recommendations for salary?

JB: Of course it would be nice to have the old rules still in play, but it didn’t really bother me much because to me it was just about the opportunity of playing pro ball and having a chance of making it to the big leagues

TGP: Do you have any regrets in your baseball life? 

JB: Not a chance

TGP: Do you think you will develop power to add to your arsenal or do you consider yourself more of a slap and speed kind of guy?

JB: Yes I believe that I will but speed will always me my strongest attribute
TGP: We saw you worked out for the Miami Marlins down in Miami and be honest, how hideous is that new stadium?

JB: It was a nice stadium but I'm glad to be a Yankee.

TGP: So was it awkward meeting Alex Rodriguez in a bathroom of all places down in George M. Steinbrenner Field?

JB: Haha it was actually in the locker room where I ran into him, I was just on my way to the bathroom.

TGP: Not really a question but I wanted everyone to know that my wife became an immediate fan of yours simply because her maiden name is Barnes. It's the simple things in baseball that make women happy isn't it? 

JB: I'm proud to hear this. 

TGP: Most famous person in your cell phone?

JB: Bill Selby My coach from Northwest Community College. He hit a walk off grand slam against the Yankee Legend Mariano Rivera.
TGP: Any embarrassing songs in your iPod?

JB: None I listen to all great music.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this Jordan we really do appreciate you taking the time out for us and your fans. Follow Jordan on Twitter @JBarnes213 and follow his progress all season long. We want to wish Jordan all the luck in his baseball career and future endeavors. 

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