Sunday, June 23, 2013

Game 75 Lineup: Rays vs. Yankees

It's the series finale of the Yankees & Rays! Also Happy Old Timer's Day! Here's your Yankees lineup!

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Travis Hafner DH
Lyle Overbay 1B
Zoilo Almonte LF
Jayson Nix SS
David Adams 3B
Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova RHP


  1. Another good day for Almonte !

  2. Really love the approach by Zoilo. Not only the patience and poise at the plate but the ability and WILLINGNESS to hit the ball the other way. He's already had at least 4 hits to LF as a LH hitter, including several for extra base hits. I don't know if he'll continue to hit this season once the league adjusts to him but he definitely shows the needed skills to be a player down the road.

    The Yanks have to start giving players like him roles on the team rather than signing the veteran retreads that they have done so much over the years.

  3. fishjam, no doubt Zoilo and Nova are 2 bright spots in todays game. Almonte could fill an outfield spot if he continues to play this way. He is only 24 and has been a slow mover. I also like the way he can hit to all fields with power. I haven't seen him hit right handed yet, but he has been the best prospect to come up for the Yanks this year.

  4. Zoilo has always demonstrated some skills.....good power, decent BA, solid speed & defense. The knock on him was always his plate discipline - too many Ks and not enough walks. But that all changed this year in AAA and I think Butch Wynegar deserves a lot of credit for that as he preaches good pitch selection. Hitting RH is a weakness but that's not unusual because you just don't see as many LHPs.

  5. Unless one is hitting for the Yankees! We need some right-handed hitters with good tools in our OF!

  6. DePaula, O"Brien, and Refsynder should be fast movers along with Murphy!


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