Sunday, June 16, 2013

Morning Bits

Good Morning Everyone!

The Yankees suffered their fifth straight loss last night at the hands of the Angels by a score of 6-2.

The Yankees managed only five hits while pitcher David Phelps allowed nine hits and four earned runs over six innings.

Today's game concludes the Yankees' marathon West Coast Trip.  Game time is 3:35 ET and will be broadcast by YES.

Now on to today's news links:

Andy McCullough of The Star-Ledger writes about Mark Teixeira's wrist and looming doctor visit.

Bill Baer of has the facts and figures about the huge drops in ratings and attendance this year for the Yankees.

Scott Miller of says the Yankees are just another team now.

Have a great day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Here we go again, Cashman must go, Cash must be drawn and quartered....the list goes on and on and on get the idea!

    Has anyone ever seen a hard-hitting posting on the Tampa Mafia, Hal and Randy? Power does have its' good side...yes? Don't let the reporters at you, they can't ask you questions!

    New York can be the most unforgiving city in the world, or, as in Jeters case, the most salient part of his persona.

    As I have said time and again, perception is fact for many fans...the BUCK stops at Cashmans' door! Just like the Government, the BUCK never reaches the top person or know, the real guy in charge!

    Something to think about here, when and if Cashman leaves after his contract is up (Nov. 2013?), or is not tendered, check-out his replacement.

    The reality is, going from history makes it less likely to all be laid at Cashmans feet, I should think there is enough to go around...and it all sucks! :(


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)