Monday, June 17, 2013

Yankees Injury Updates For 6/17

Brian Cashman gave a plethora of injury updates today that we are glad to be able to share with you right now.

  • Derek Jeter took 15 swings in the batting cages and did some tee and toss. He also moved up from ground balls hit directly at him to taking ground balls to his side. He also made some throws to first base so the captain seems to be on the way back sooner rather than later. 

  • Curtis Granderson is expected to have the pin taken out of his broken hand on Thursday. It will take Granderson about a week of doing grip exercises and such strengthening his hand before he thinks about swinging  a bat and such with it. 

  • Francisco Cervelli got some, what I consider to be, bad news today when Brian Cashman said that he would not be back before mid July. Cervelli did some long toss and receiving drills but is still about a week to two weeks away from swinging a bat under water. 

  • Eduardo Nunez took 30 ground balls today and did some tee and toss and long toss. None of that matters if he cannot swing a bat without pain though and that is something that he is currently not doing. 

  • Alex Rodriguez did three rounds of batting practice today after running the bases yesterday for the first time since his hip surgery. He also took ground balls to both sides and took some slow rollers while progressing a lot more than some of his fellow injured Yankees teammates. Alex is expected to face live pitching tomorrow in a simulated game type situation.

  • Michael Pineda will make his next start on Thursday for the Florida State League instead of Wednesday. Wednesday's game is a day game and the Yankees want Pineda to pitch at night so Thursday night it is. 

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