Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alex Rodriguez and 20 Others To Be Suspended

Several sources have told TJ Quinn of ESPN.com that Alex Rodriguez, as well as players like Ryan Braun and Jesus Montero, will be suspended by Major League Baseball some time after the All Star break.

ARod is looking at a 100-game ban, which is normally reserved for players that have failed a second drug test, even though he hasn't tested positive since MLB created The Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program in the spring of 2006. It is being said that ARod is looking at a 100-game ban since the allegations against him, that being that he purchased PEDs through Tony Bosch's clinic and lied about it, cover multiple rules violations.

However, due to this possibly going through the appeals process, it could be months until suspensions are actually carried out. Meaning players like Rodriguez could be playing even after the suspensions are announced.

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