Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Game 90 Lineup: Royals vs. Yankees

Here is game two of this four game set vs. the Royals!! 

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Travis Hafner DH
Zoilo Almonte LF
Lyle Overbay 1B
Eduardo Nunez SS
Luis Cruz 3B
Chris Stewart C

CC Sabathia LHP

Some Notes:

-- With it being July and all, there are trade rumors. The latest one involves the Philadelphia Phillies and Joba Chamberlain. There's rumors the the Phillies are interested in Chamberlain. If that's the case, they can just take him.


  1. I NEED INPUT. Please, if you will.
    I can not find this answer.
    IF..... Alex Rodriquez is given a 100 game suspension, as being reported tonight...
    Can the Yankees break his contract?
    Do they save money on the cap?
    Do they now have extra money to spend?
    Is all this baloney?...and should we just make that trade with the Phillies, for Young?

    There has to be some kind of fallout, if this happens. Help.

  2. Hey Patrick ,Yanks cannot break aroids contract their only shot is to collect on their insurance policy when he retires due to medical reasons. thats why the cat and mouse show is going on between Yanks and Arod,will probaly go on till next spring taining,imho he is done and will not play a game in a Yankee uni again.

    One at bat, with that Walmart haircut, told me that Travis Ishikawa was
    going to be a short timer.
    What a waste of fuel, flying him here from California.
    Enjoy life, my brother.

    Sometimes everything in life revolves around timing. Especially, good timing!
    The scuffling Yankees, in a bit of dire straights (duh!)
    And who rolls into town? The Twins. Yanks have won 71, of the last 91, from them.
    Good timing.

    And, they got it!
    72 of 92...amazing. Keep that feed bag in place.
    Terrific throw by Twins OF, Hicks, tonight. Bullpen warning track, to 3rd base...on a fly.

    This team now needs more than one upgrade. No cavalry is coming. And, you can not tread water forever.
    This line-up, of fine folks....is barren of offense.

  6. patrick, so true!
    My sister pulled a fast one on me a few weeks ago. She knows I forget to keep track of birthdays so, while she was here to visit, she says "You will be 76 in Sept., boy you are getting old"!
    As is the case when dealing with her, she is always right! Well, she calls and says, You will only be 74, Got ya!

    Much to fix, and maybe too little time.
    A-Rod, who can't handle Single- A ball pitching, is not the solution.
    Once again, here is the symptom...for what will kill this team.

    .242 team batting average. 14th, out of 15, in the American League.
    ( I know I'm venting. It's time for a beer.)

  8. Agree on little time to ix theory. Perhaps a trade, Hughes, Joba and yes!! Gardner for a youngish outfield bat and prospects for a corner infielder? No clue who but I am all in on it. Both trades with eye on 2013 AND moving forward.

  9. Why is Brett trade bait? He is one of the best CF in the league and among the best hitters on the team. Brett, Itchy and Cano are the glue holding the team together.
    I agree, trading some of our RP is a good idea...we have more in waiting right now.
    Zoilo Almonte is a good player, is he a star...maybe, maybe not...be nice if he turns out to be a very good player.

  10. Oldranger, just not a fan of Gardner. He and Ichiro are redundant, to me he is touted as a lead off hitter with speed to burn. Yet he seems reluctant to use that speed while on base path, not on base enough to be a leadoff hitter. I would use Ichiro in CF and take whatever he can give the team for the rest of this year and see what happens in 2014. Give me a solid young corner outfielder with a bat. Just me, I know not a popular move on this site.

  11. John, you are not alone in your assessment of Brett, others around here think he is over rated also...I just happen not to be one of them!
    There seems to be a problem with his ability to read pitchers well, therefore he gets bad jumps sometimes.
    I could be wrong here but it looks like he gets the Cano treatment...when he comes to bat he gets nothing good to hit.

  12. Brett is a good player and currently the team's best everyday player outside of Cano. The one frustrating aspect of his game is his lack of stolen bases. Part of it has to do with Girardi batting Cano behind him for much of the season but his success rate is an unacceptable 68% this year. He's made up for it this year by driving the ball more as he's looking at career highs in Doubles, Triples, HRs and SLG%. He's made a seemless switch to CF where he saves countless runs with his amazing range, accurate arm and quick release.

    The reason some wouldn't mind dealing him is because he would bring back a lot in return. The yanks could get a young player to plug in then look to replace him with Ellsbury, Choo or someone else in FA. Brett will be 30 net month and a FA after 2014 so now would be the time to deal him. I STRONGLY doubt the yanks will deal him but it's an idea that some are floating around since he's perhaps the only player that could bring back a legitimate building block player in return.

  13. john and old yankee, I would agree, Gardner is not a good base stealer, nor does he make good use of his running ability offensively. Defensively he is a above average outfielder. He seems to be one of those players that is overrated sabermetrically. I don't think he is a deference maker.


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