Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yankees Not Interested In Miguel Olivo

Miguel Olivo was recently released from the Miami Marlins, which should tell you something, and thankfully the Yankees reportedly do not have interest in signing the catcher. Now I know that Olivo asked to be released from the Marlins because he was not getting the playing time that he thought he deserved but still if you cannot crack it as a starter for the Marlins then you have no business on the Yankees, just my opinion. Olivo is in his age 34 season and has only mustered a .203/.250/.392 with four home runs this season and is known to be a defensive catcher first but he just doesn't make sense right now for us. He may be better than Austin Romine at this point but you have to factor in that we have to send down Romine to split time with JR Murphy, hurting both players, and we have to make a 40 man roster move to accommodate the move. Not worth it in the end if you ask me so thankfully the Yankees seem willing to pass on Olivo.

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