Monday, July 29, 2013

The Alex Rodriguez Suspension & The 2014 Payroll

With reports coming down that Major League Baseball expects to hand out all suspensions that have to do with Biogenesis it got me thinking about the 2014 season. I know a lot of people are thinking of the ramifications to the 2013 season if we are without Alex Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli but I am always thinking ahead and this is no different. If Alex Rodriguez gets suspended for the 2013 and 2014 seasons this week as expected the Yankees will have right around $25,000,000 to spend this off season to improve the team. How should the Yankees spend this money if the suspension does in fact come down and we are out from under the A Rod contract, at least temporarily, you ask? I am glad you asked...

Brian McCann will probably be a top five free agent this coming off season and fills a ton of needs for the New York Yankees. The Yankees have an anemic offensive attack coming out of the catcher position this season and have severely lacked in the power department overall in 2013. Brian McCann and that sweet left handed swing  knocking balls out to the short porch in right field would solve both of those issues in one player in 2014. McCann does not give up all that much defensively or in the run game either so the only downfall to acquiring McCann would be that the Atlanta Braves, his current team, are surely to offer him a qualifying offer.

McCann entering his age 30 season would get a 4 year deal worth $64,000,000 (AAV $16,000,000)

Mark Reynolds may not be the most ideal pick up for the New York Yankees to replace Alex Rodriguez at third base next season but he may very well be the best option. Mark is a right handed power bat that can play third base and also fill in at first base giving Mark Teixeira some time off. Also I would think that Reynolds would be willing to sign a one year deal or two year deal tops after somewhat of a down season in Cleveland in 2012. Also Reynolds would be entering his age 30 season so it is not exactly like he is out of his prime or over the hill either.

I would give Mark Reynolds a one year deal with a mutual option for 2015 and a base salary of $8,000,000.

David Aardsma was released this past season because of his inability to go multiple innings and I really think that was a huge mistake for the New York Yankees. With us losing Mariano Rivera and possibly Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan I can see a guy like Aardsma with closing experience and veteran leadership welcomed back to the Bronx. We can build from within all we want to but you still need a "Plan B" to go to just in case and that plan should be a fully healthy and recovered David Aardsma. Aardsma will surely sign a one year deal which makes him extra attractive for the New York Yankees.

Aardsma gets a one year deal worth $1,000,000 and gets his second shot at the pinstripes. 

That is exactly the $25,000,000 that Alex is set to make in 2014 spent in three players that could help our team win next season. We rebuild the pen, get a replacement for Alex, and improve our biggest holes all in one fell swoop. With these moves, in my very humble but bias opinion, we get younger, more versatile, and overall much better and all because Alex Rodriguez skipped the classes while in school that said "Say No To Drugs," Thanks Alex!

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