Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Asks Yankees To Buy Out His Contract

Alex Rodriguez may be feeling the heat from Major League Baseball and their looming suspension from the Biogenesis fallout and has contacted the Yankees about a possible buy out of his remaining contract. Alex Rodriguez has something in the neighborhood of $90,000,000 left on his contract and is looking to collect his money before MLB suspends him and potentially could ban him from the game for life. All this came after Alex Rodriguez tried to plea with MLB, reportedly, to give him an 80-100 game suspension with an agreement to retire after the suspension ends. The thing was he still wanted to be paid his entire contract and MLB shot that down after his press conference last night in Trenton. Now Alex is desperate to get his money before the suspension comes so tune in tomorrow and Monday when we finally get the conclusion to The Bronx Is Burning II.


  1. Such an embarrassment to the organization. When will the Steinbrenner's learn to trust GM Brian Cashman?

  2. I cant blame the Steinbrenners for wanting him back after the season he had it was just the length that everyone had issues with


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