Saturday, August 3, 2013

CC continues to struggle as Yanks get blown out by Padres

After giving up 5 earned runs in just 5.2 innings of work tonight, CC Sabathia saw his personal record fall to 9-10, his ERA go up to 4.78, and the team's record again itch closer to the .500 mark (56-52) as the Yankees lost tonight's series opener in San Diego to the Padres without much of a fight, 7-2. Now maybe it's just me, but right now CC seems to be this team's worst starting pitcher. Recently, pitching has not been their problem, but tonight things were very, very different. 

The Bombers only two runs in this one each came in the second, when Eduardo Nunez drove in a run with a double and then Sabathia tied the game with an RBI Groundout. Besides that, this one sucked. 

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