Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Joe Girardi Probably Back With Yankees In 2014

It is, according to Jon Heyman, a "foregone conclusion" that manager Joe Girardi will resign with the Yankees after his contract runs out this season. Joe has signed two consecutive three year deals and another three year deal is expected after what is arguably his best managing season as a Yankees skipper including his World Series run. Hal Steinbrenner, general manager Brian Cashman, and the players all seem to love and respect Joe and I have found a new found respect for him after the way he stepped up for Alex Rodriguez in Boston with the whole Ryan Dempster situation.

Despite all the injuries and all the players not meeting expectations, *cough Phil Hughes cough*, Joe still has the Yankees in the discussion for the playoffs and one of the two wild card spots. That is an amazing feat in itself when you consider guys like Derek Jeter have played less than 10 games this season and the Yankees are still fighting for a wild card spot in almost September. He has handled the Alex Rodriguez circus a lot better than most people would have and has managed to put together another masterful bullpen like he has ever since he took over the job six long years ago.

The only way Joe is not the manager of the Yankees next season is if it is his decision. The Yankees, the organization, and players seem to want him and I expect Joe to be back with the Yankees by November.

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