Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Astros Are More Profitable Than The Yankees

The Houston Astros, according to Forbes, are more profitable than the New York Yankees or any team in the major leagues for that matter, and it's not even close.

The Houston Astros are probably the worst team in the major leagues this season and have been for a while now but are somehow the most profitable team in the majors as well. The highest paid player for the Astros is Erik Bedard as he is only making $1,150,000 with the rest of the team making somewhere around the league minimum right under $500,000 with no one else making over a million. With all that said the Astros are on pace to bring in $99,000,000 this season which is nearly as much as the last six teams to win the World Series... combined.

Let that sink in once you consider that the Astros are paying their players a combined salary somewhere in the neighborhood of $21,000,000 after owner Jim Crane gutted the team once again slashing salary by $56,000,000 from last season. $99,000,000 in profit is a huge amount for a rebuilding team when you consider that Crane could have purchased the entire National League starting lineup for somewhere around $84,000,000. Granted Crane owes over $275,000,000 from purchasing the team plus interest but with 64 players currently making more than the entire Astros team it really has to say something about the kind of business Crane is running.

In Crane's defense he has said that once the farm system is rebuilt he will put a product on the field with a top five or top ten payroll but that remains to be seen, see the Miami Marlins. Reports like this scare me when you think how much Hal Steinbrenner wants to make a dollar with this team and reports like this prove you can lose and make more money than you can competing every season, playoffs and World Series or not.

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