Sunday, September 29, 2013

85-77; Yankees rally in extras for season-ending sweep of Astros

Brett Marshall, Dellin Betances, Preston Claiborne, David Phelps, Matt Daly, and David Robertson combined to shut out the Astros for nine consecutive innings this afternoon as the Yankees won today's season finale in fourteen innings, 5-1. Now this one, one of course, didn't matter, but it was still really fun to watch. Today was a pitcher's duel, and one that I found very entertaining.

The Yankees final four runs this season all came in that last inning, when Mark Reynolds cleared the wall for a solo homer, Eduardo Nunez doubled home two runs, and J.R. Murphy singled home an additional, insurance run. Readers, this season was fun. I enjoyed being this site's post game writer and can't wait for the Yankees to come back in late February/early March 2014. But until then, we gotta focus on offseason stuff. So let's turn the page of the TGP book and get going on some trade rumors. 


  1. Daniel.... here is a stat for you..... only 3 players in the history of baseball have had 5 straight seasons hitting 25 + hrs and 40 + doubles

    who are the three?

    1. This is a total guess here so I will probably bomb it because I enjoy doing these without googling them and all that...

      I know Robinson Cano has done it five years in a row so there is one...

      I wanted to say Ted Williams but for some reason I think the doubles probably fall short for a season or two so I went with Lou Gehrig. He had every other hitting record so why not.

      Since the first two are Yankees I am sensing a Yankees theme here so I am going to take a wild guess and say Don Mattingly although I do not feel confident about the home run totals.

      I know Ruth was not known as a doubles hitter so he was my other guess but I decided to go against that.


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