Friday, September 20, 2013

A Goodbye Letter to the winningest post-season pitcher


To the all-time winningest pitcher in the post-season aka Andy Pettitte,

I can’t believe it all started in 1995… My Dad had season tickets to the Yankees and would take me with him to the games. I enjoyed the games but I didn’t understand much about the rules and I didn’t pay much attention to the numbers on the back of the jerseys. I cheered when the people around me did and chimed in occasionally with their Tino chant. I hit Freddy’s pot a bunch of times… I don’t really remember the exact day this changed, but I do remember choosing my own favorite player. It was you, Andy Pettitte.

You were in pinstripes, of course, #46. In the beginning you weren’t the guy that everyone in the stadium was cheering for, but I remember seeing you on the mound and for the first time, I was interested in the game. Now I get to say that my favorite athlete of all time is a legend, a role model, a leader… so thank you. Thank you for helping me to fall in love with The New York Yankees.

As time progressed and you continued to take the mound and win games (while remaining as humble as you are today) I found myself looking up the Yankees baseball schedule and begging my Dad to take me to more and more games. The games I didn’t attend I watched on TV, cheering for every strike out… trying to guess whether it was a ball or a strike before the umpire did. Whenever you pitch I make sure to watch your post-game interviews. Andy, you are way too hard on yourself! I have to admit though; it is very honorable and inspiring. It shows your true character and proves again and again how passionate you are about baseball.

Earlier today you stated that you wanted to thank your fans, but we are the ones that are thankful. I hope you realize how lucky WE are. It seems selfish for me to be sad over your retirement. The fact is, I really am just grateful to have been able to watch you play. I will do the best I can to keep these memories in my mind so that when I have children of my own some day I can tell them that I got to watch baseball’s winningest all-time postseason pitcher.

I can’t imagine watching the Yankees without the Core Four but I know that I will because the passion and heart that you, Posada, Jeter and Mo brought to each game rubbed off on me (and many other fans). You play baseball the way that I hope to live my life: passionately, loyally, and selflessly. I wish you and your family happiness, health and luck in the future. Hopefully one day my children will be writing a similar letter to your sons (when they wear the pinstripes).

So for absolutely everything,
Thank you. 

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