Sunday, September 8, 2013

Boone Logan Leaves Game With Biceps Issue

UPDATE: Boone had a cortisone shot in his left throwing arm and is unavailable until Friday at the earliest. So much for the three days off and being back in the bullpen on Tuesday. Hello Cesar Cabral.

The MRI revealed inflammation near, but not in, the left pitching elbow for Boone Logan. The Yankees are expected to give Boone the "three days off plan" before resuming a bullpen session and a return to the pen. We will not see Boone before the second game in the Baltimore series at the earliest.

I am just going to pretend that this is why Boone Logan was terrible last night and gave up that grand slam to the bearded Mike Napoli. Boone left last nights game with a biceps issue where he was complaining of soreness and felt it for a few pitches before leaving. Boone is getting an MRI today but it is never good to have soreness in the pitching arm. Hopefully it is just inflammation and will require a couple days off like the rest of the Yankees bullpen lately and it will not be something serious that will end his season.

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