Saturday, September 14, 2013

Is Cashman Looking To Replace Jeter At SS?

John Harper of the New York Daily News believes Brian Cashman may have to make a tough decisions when it comes to Derek Jeter this offseason.

No, he can't keep Jeter from exercising his player option. However, Harper polled three scouts and three executives who think the Yankees' GM will try to acquire somebody to regularly play shortstop in The Captain's place. Jeter will turn 40 years old next June, had all sorts of health issues this year, and at this point is a below average defender. So that wouldn't be the worst idea.

This offseason already looked to be an interesting one, but the idea that Brian Cashman could look for a new shortstop could make this a very interesting offseason.


  1. I think Brendan Ryan is auditioning for that role as we speak

    1. Depending on whether or not they improve their offense, with the additions of guys like Brian McCann, I'd be okay with that. But they can't have Ryan in at the same time as guys like Chris Stewart and Ichiro, essentially creating three black holes in the lineup.

  2. Bryan, I agree...
    There can be no expectations of Jeter playing good defense and hit over .300 next year. For five years his range has gotten smaller and smaller and unless he hits .300+ he must NOT play everyday.
    Where do we go for a replacement, is the big question...Nunez? Maybe but, there must be someone better we could find that is better...can Ryan become a better hitter? His defense is unquestionable much better than either of those we already have!

  3. Ryan is in his 30's now so I am pretty sure he is the hitter he is going to be for the rest of his career. I cannot see him getting any better but only worse as he declines. We would not have Ryan in for his offense but rather his defense much like we did with the catching position this season.

  4. Ryan can field but he can't hit and will never hit. Nunez can hit and run but can't field ......yet.....but he can learn to field. So give Nunez the job.

    Shout out to Kenny !

  5. Patrick ...what do you think...Ryan or Nunez?

  6. Nunez needs work, work and more work but, as said by Twasp...he can learn. He is an athlete and can find his way, many others have.
    I can't see anyone out there the Dumb boys would let Cashman spend a lot of money for, can any of you?

    Where the heck are you Fishjam and Patrick? Not at the old house of pain and dejection, I hope!

  7. I believe Nunez could learn the field as he did well for big stretches of this season. Dude just needs to get out of his own head.


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