Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yankees offense non-existent in second straight loss at Fenway

Well, these last two games have really sucked. The Yankees went into this series with all the momentum in the world, but for the second time in two weeks the Red Sox have showed them who's boss. In today's middle game, Jon Lester held the Yankees to just one run as the Sox won, 5-1. Right now, it's easy to think that the season's over. But, when looking at the Bombers upcoming schedule, I saw that that is in no way the case. After this trip to Boston, the Yankees will head to Toronto for 3, come home for 6 against the Giants and Rays, and then head to Houston for 3. So Bomber fans, don't give up. Stay confident. 

By the way, the Yankees one run today came on a groundout from Cano in the third. I don't think that bit of info will cheer anybody up, but I still consider it worth sharing. 

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