Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making The Case For David Huff Again

UPDATE: I know Huff is starting Saturday so this point is moot but I had it typed out and scheduled so this will just show how much of a good decision this was.

First of all apparently we missed David Huff's birthday judging by the picture so happy belated birthday goes out to you David. The Greedy Pinstripes birthday present to you is to once again make the case for you to take the starting rotation spot from Phil Hughes. This case shouldn't have to be made once let alone multiple times but here we go again. We will only look at the stats since Huff came up as a reliever and try to remember the whole sample size, starter vs. reliever, blah blah blah comparisons. Just for a reference point Huff made his first appearance with the Yankees on May 26th but was quickly sent back down and designated for assignment before coming back up to relieve on August 16th. Since Hughes starts every 5th day and started on August 15th I will play with the numbers a little and include his August 15th start in this look at the stats.

August 16th - Today


15 IP, 6 hits allowed (5 allowed on Labor Day), 1 run allowed, 10 K's, 5 walks allowed (4 allowed on August 21st), 2 wins. 

August 15th - Today


18 IP, 21 hits allowed, 10 runs allowed, 14 K's, 6 walks allowed, no wins since July 2nd.

Enough said? I hope so. 

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