Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yankees playoff chance now 100% gone after 8-3 loss to Rays

Well, the meaningful part of the 2013 season is now officially over. Tonight, the Yankees were blown out again by the Rays, 8-3. Tomorrow night, the Yankees will play their first meaningless home game since 1993. I can't say this isn't dissapointing, but as I said last night, this was inevitable. But apparently, the Yankees were not technically mathematically eliminated at this point yesterday, so for that little mistake I apologize. But it was 99.99% over last night.

Anyway, the Yankees three runs in this one came on an RBI Double from Cano, a solo home run from Nunez, and an RBI Walk from Overbay. Besides those three plays, this game was painful to the eyes. So I'll stop talking because there really isn't a ton to talk about. 

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