Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yankees May Start Working Gosuke Katoh At SS

The Yankees second round pick Gosuke Katoh has far exceeded anyone's expectations both at second base and with the bat this season but the Yankees find themselves wanting to work Katoh at SS this off season. Katoh is in his age 18 season after being drafted out of high school in the 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft and ended the 2013 season with a.310/.402/.522 triple slash and six home runs. Katoh is considered to be a great athlete with great range to go with it so maybe the transition would not be as difficult as one may think. The only problem may be his arm, or lack there of, at short stop. Imagine Johnny Damon trying to throw someone out from the warning track at home plate. This is the time to do it with him only being in the GCL so I cannot see a reason not to but I just hope it does not mess with his head like it seems like Eduardo Nunez has.


  1. I take it he hasn't got a SS arm, why waste the time if he can't get the job done after he makes a great stop of a ball hit to his right?
    I say keep him at 2nd base, as even if they resign the time this kid is truly ready for the big time he will be 23-24 and Cano (at 36) will be moved to 3rd base anyhow.
    Except for his arm, he reminds me of Jeter with his great baseball instincts, hands and gap power. One can learn everything except arm power and most of instincts!

    1. Not from everything I have read, no he doesn't. Really goes to show you how much faith they have in the "future" of Cito Culver.

    2. Isn't that amazing, first they tout Cito as the second coming of Jeter, now nothing is heard of him.

      "Not from everything I have read, no he doesn't." Did you mean arm or or Jeter?

    3. no I read that Katoh does not have the arm to play SS. To be fair regarding Culver though he has not struggled all that much with the glove but he has struggled with the bat. The bat has kept him in the lower levels of the Yankees system, not his glove.

  2. Yet another reason why I don't get all worked up over prospects. A guy can go from a "top" prospect to nothing in a year.

    I'm not against young players, but they get overrated quite often.


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