Thursday, October 17, 2013

BA: Yankees Have Third Best Draft In 2013

Baseball America has analyzed the New York Yankees draft in the 2013 MLB First Year Player's Draft and have given us the third best overall draft in all of baseball. The Pirates and the Diamondbacks has better drafts then us according to BA but third is quite an accomplishment for being so late in the first round. The Yankees first four picks included Eric Jagielo, Aaron Judge, Ian Clarkin, and Gosuke Katoh in that order.

Aaron Judge is considered to be the fifth bets power hitter in the entire draft and Gosuke Katoh had the third best professional debut to date out of a high school kid. While I understand that the draft is a crap shoot, maybe the biggest crap shoot  in all of sports, it is always good to do well in a draft. With three picks in the first round the Yankees were all but guaranteed being on the top five of this list but still it ids a pretty cool accomplishment. I hope, for the Yankees futures sake, these picks work out.

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