Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Interview On Mike Francesa

Here is Alex Rodriguez being interviewed on the Mike Francesa show on WFAN and on the YES Network.


  1. Say what you wish about Rodriquez, and we all have, but he is absolutely right.
    If Selig and MLB want to give him 211 games, and ruin his career....then they MUST appear, and face him.
    Let Selig be cross examined, and then cross examine Rodriquez.
    Then, and only then, will all the cards be on the table.
    Last man standing, wins ! Fair is fair....... Alex Rodriquez is human, and had every right to explode.

  2. I hope he didn't do it, I have felt and said before..."Until proven guilty, he ain't!"

    Even before Bud was Comish, King George fought hard to keep him from getting the job, because of all the winter meetings when Bud showed his dislike of George and the Yankees.
    Once he got the gig, the shit hit the fan. Look at all the new rules in place to injure the ability of the Yankees to do business as they always had been doing.
    Keeping that all in mind...would it be a stretch for a very vindictive Bud to have his last revenge for the hate he has had for so long and get his last victory by taking out the most scrutinized and best player in baseball.

    One can make the case that A-Rod is not the guilty party this time...
    Bud says in documents filed with the court; 1- A-Rod has been using banned substances from 2006 until now. 2-A-Rod has tested positive more than once. 3- impeded the investigation. 4-Has mounds of evidence, etc.

    #1-Proof...where? #2-Why was he not suspended before this? #3-Proof, a criminals testimony? #4-Show me!

    In a few words; this smells like a witch hunt cooked up by Bud or a few in his office that have the idea A-Rod has been doing this stuff but couldn't prove it in a court of law. so this is what happens when one can't face those that are throwing the stones.

    Patrick will back me up when I say, "I have always believed (Hoped) he was not using after he came to the Yankees and I still do. But, in my twisted "right and wrong" there is no room for Gray...none at all. So the damage was done back in Texas, once done, it is done...there are no redo's in life!

    Too harsh? So be it, life's a bit-h and then you die!


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