Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I Am Thankful For: My Wife

First of all once again Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers out there. This week I have been going through everything, Yankees related anyway, that I am thankful for but today I wanted to go in a little different direction. I want to take this time to say out loud how much I appreciate and love my wife. If it were not for her and her support, patience, and understanding this site would not be what it is today, I truly believe that.

I have known my wife my entire life, literally, as I was her next store neighbor when we lived in Stony Point, New York and then again in Haverstraw, New York. When her mom moved down here to Georgia my mom moved down here with her and while I originally stayed in New York to stay with my father I eventually followed suit in 1999. We went to the same High School and on January 17th, 2000 we began dating officially and long story short the girl next door and the high school sweethearts ended up getting married on October 13, 2007. We have had our ups and down, we have had our fights, we even took a break once or twice, but in the end what's meant to be will always be and this, in my heart, is meant to be.

My wife, Crystal, is the mother to my pride and joy Evan who was born on March 14th, 2010 and the mother to our second born, Hayden, on November 22. If it were not for her understanding that this site and writing is my passion and what I want to do full time eventually she would not put up with me sitting on the computer for multiple hours a day working on the site. I try and do as much of the work as I can at work or on my phone but sometimes it gets in the way of being a father, a husband, and a friend. She has never complained, out loud anyway, and has never asked me to take a step back. If it were not for her The Greedy Pinstripes would not be the gorilla that it is today and for that I thank her.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, what are you thankful for?


  1. Stone Mountain, to Snelville, to red clay paths, to The Zac Brown Band, to Daniel.

    Daniel, are you living in Georgia ? It is such a pleasure to be part of a site, where others share
    their lives with those that post there.. I've often done that also...only to get a response of silence. I think it adds to the chemistry. Kenny, at times, lets you in to his past years. I find that insightful, and good.

    After pieces of a few years, at YFU, all I learned was that most of them belonged in institutions.
    I told them that often enough, only to be sent away. Perhaps, now in hindsight, they were actually posting
    from various mental wards.

    Anyway...Daniel, if you are in Georgia.........I will say that my brother michael ( small m ) , lives
    in Georgia also. A Yankee fan by birth, a Braves fan now, through marriage. Go figure.

    1. Yes I moved to Metro Atlanta GA in 1999 when I was still in High School and have not left ever since.

      It is hard to live down here and not at least root for the "home team" I will watch the Braves and root for the Braves as long as the Yankees are not playing them. Yankees are my #1 though.

      What part of Georgia if you dont mind?

    2., I do not mind.
      My brother, michael, lived is Snelville,.....moved to Cumming, 3-4 years ago. Where his wife was raised.
      You had asked prior, what I did for a living. Did not forget.
      Had my own business for 34 years. Was taken out by the economic down turn in 2009.
      Went back to college. to study something I totally enjoy....I studied horticulture.
      I now work in a nursery, with trees, plants, et all. Enjoying my new road in life.

    3. Cumming is probably an hour or hour and fifteen minutes from me, I live in Ellijay GA.


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