Monday, November 18, 2013

Yankees Interested In Jhonny Peralta

The New York Yankees have already signed two shortstops this offseason, Derek Jeter and Brendan Ryan, but they are still interested in possibly a third in Jhonny Peralta. It is unknown whether the Yankees like him as a third basemen for insurance with Alex Rodriguez, a shortstop even though we have Jeter, Ryan, and Eduardo Nunez, or as a second basemen just in case Robinson Cano decides to go elsewhere.

The Yankees have the New York Mets and the Detroit Tigers, among other teams, in the running for the shortstop so the bidding could get substantial, even with his Biogenesis suspension. Peralta came up big in the playoffs for Detroit after his suspension, and presumably clean, and he seems to be a hot commodity this offseason. I can't see the Yankees going all in for Peralta unless they miss out on Robinson Cano and Peralta is willing to play second base but you never know.

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