Monday, November 18, 2013

Yankees To Meet With Robinson Cano Next Week

And it's about time!

The New York Yankees are finally set to sit down and meet with free agent Robinson Cano and his agent Jay Z. This coming off the heels that Cano is willing to go after Christmas before signing with a team if necessary, which is not great news for the Yankees whatsoever.

Cano and his camp still are holding on to the 31 year old wanting a $310 million dollar deal in the 10 year range but he will definitely have to come down off of that ledge to come back with the Yankees I would think. Jay Z is said to be ready to be "intimately involved in all areas" of Cano's negotiations according to the CAA agent who is working with Jay Z Brodie Van Wagenen in an interview with MLB Network.

I really have a feeling that this gets ugly before it gets better and that is not a good thing for the penny pinching Yankees.

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