Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yankees Well Represented In 2013 Gibby Awards

Robinson Cano, David Robertson, Ichiro Suzuki, Alfonso Soriano, and Mariano Rivera have been named  nominees for a 2013 GIBBY Award according to GIBBY Awards not only pick the MVP award winners but a plethora of other awards picked by the fans like best starting pitcher, comeback player, defensive player, breakout player, etc. All awards can be voted on by going to or going HERE to vote for the hometown Yankees.

Robby Cano is nominated for Hitter of the Year.

Rivera is in the running for best Closer, Comeback Player of the Year, Best Story Line of 2013, Best Moment for this 2013 All Star Game entrance, and the Cut4 Topic that was trending in baseball in 2013 with the "No Mo Zone" that was chalked out in Kansas City.

Robertson is nominated for best set up man in baseball.

Joe Girardi was not nominated for the Manager of the Year award but Dusty Baker, who has been fired, is for some reason. Well I got the reason because if you look at the lists all those skippers took their teams to the playoffs but still, it's Manager of the Year not hey you got your team to the playoffs award. Oh well.

Brian Cashman, Hank Steinbrenner, and Hal Steinbrenner were shut out of the Executive of the Year awards as well surprisingly.

The Yankees triple plays is consideration for the must see play of the year so go ahead and vote for that too while you're over there.

Ichiro's 4,000 hit is in consideration for the Must See Moment of the Year as well as Mariano Rivera's All Star Game entrance and such.

Soriano is nominated for the best hitting performance with his 3-3, 2 HR, 3 R, 7 RBI, and BB performance against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on August, 14th.

Finally the Yankees and the Red Sox game on June, 2nd is nominated for the Oddity award as the game was delayed multiple time due to severe thunder that scared the crap out of players in both dugouts.

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