Saturday, November 2, 2013

Posting For Tanaka Delayed

Since Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball can't come to an agreement on a new posting system, it looks as though Masahiro Tanaka may not be a Yankee for a while yet.

It turns out that while MLB wants less money to go to the team posting a player, NPB teams want more more money to compensate for giving up said player. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that a player can't go to whatever team he wants... assuming that the player isn't under contract with anybody. It's not like the Yankees would get any money should Hiroki Kuroda return to Japan next season.

It should also be noted that Tanaka has yet to hire an agent, as his team... the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles... is keeping him isolated during their playoff run. So whether or not he was posted on November 1st, which is when the posting period normally starts, Tanaka would need to get an agent to help negotiate his contract.

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