Saturday, November 2, 2013

Derek Jeter's New Contract Explained, Finally

It is official thanks to Joel Sherman that Derek Jeter's new contract will indeed cost the New York Yankees money on their $189 million luxury tax AAV and not save them money. The original deal had Jeter simply accepted his player option would have been for a $10,750,000 AAV and this new deal is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,810,000. The Yankees were not concerned with AAV and the luxury tax threshold but more worried about making Derek happy and not having an awkward or drawn out negotiation like the last time Derek was a free agent.

Derek's new contract also includes incentives which could push the deal higher including $4,000,000 for a MVP award and $2,000,000 if he finishes anywhere between second and sixth place. Also Derek could make an additional $1,500,000 if he wins the Silver Slugger award, $500,000 for winning the ALCS MVP, another $500,000 for winning the World Series MVP award, and finally $500,000 more for winning the gold glove.

Now that we have that settled we can move on to qualifying offers...


  1. This is his contract for 2014 only right? Not another year?

  2. JOHN...reaching out to poster.... JOHN, from the Oct 29's right fielder poll !
    JOHN, come back up to the surface. Where have you been ? Another brother from the BBB of NY !
    Your hands will not be tied any longer. You are a free man in Paris, as the song goes.
    The hypocrites who ran that conveyor belt.....are not here. Please join us. I'll be looking for you.
    Hope this finds you well. Take care.

    1. yes John, please join us here at The Greedy Pinstripes. I think you may like it...


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