Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Think The Yankees Are Targeting Stephen Drew

I called it a few weeks back and now the Yankees may finally be listening as I think New York is finally targeting Stephen Drew, at least according to Peter Gammons. Are the Yankees still after Drew even after signing Brian Roberts? I sure hope so.

I wonder what the "clarity" that Drew needs though. Is it waiting on the Alex Rodriguez decision? Is it waiting on the Masahiro Tanaka decision? Do the Yankees want him to play a position he is not normally playing, like say third base? Is Jay Z trying to get Drew too just to screw the Yankees?

Here's to hoping for clarity soon, either way.


  1. Stephen Drew & the Clarity :

    Sure, why not !...Join our crew. Here's your shipmates, all fine fellow infielders. One more can't hurt.
    Jeter...Nunez...Johnson...Roberts...Ryan...Anna...and now Ensign Drew...maybe.
    And, Ensign Drew, will not come cheap. Lt. Boras will see to that.
    And, what is that in Ensign Drew's duffle bag.........hmmm.
    .252...223...193...250...253...........five years worth of batting ! That should scare someone.

    Step lively, Ensign Drew...our ship sail in the spring.
    Grab that top bunk, before boatswain Rodriquez gets back !

  2. Sir Patrick of the White Irish...
    I, of the Black Irish, have to ask you not to make waves! I am getting sea sick!
    I ask, of those better versed in the players details....Is Drew a need or a want? Do we need to spend the money on another IF player? Would it not be better used on a front line pitcher?
    I keep saying we can use Ryan and Johnson at ss and 2nd respectively, with Nunez at 3rd. All the other players have enough pop to cover the light bats of those first two players.
    Yes we need hitters but, Drews numbers are not that much better than those we have...Tell me again, why is it we need Drew?

    1. It's def a luxury and a little over kill to acquire Drew at this point.

  3. Sir Kenneth, of the Kanye West Irish....
    I can not tell you why we need Ensign Drew. Unless the Yankees are fielding nine infielders.
    I agree with all your points. You were always the smartest. Yet, at times erratic.

    No more infielders, especially ones that can not hit. Please.
    Pitching, and hard hitting bench strength....." Pitching & the Bullpeners "..........Right, Dion ?

    To conclude. I have done my best, and will no longer try to draw out brother Twasp.
    Words can not express my disappointment in him. I mean that.
    You sir...Kenneth. Stay well.

    STOP !!! How did I miss that Gravatar ?...( the image is small ) Is that you, or Father Ginty ?

    1. It is I, now one can see why I don't take pix!

      I think I will make a change to it, like Daniel did! Heck, anything is better than that!

      The last change of my Gravatar!

  4. CANDLES AT THE READY....don't forget to put money in the slot.
    Candles for whom ?.............our closer Grant ( I'm OK ) Balfour.
    Grab this guy !

    1. He feels he is fine he is not going to want to sign for less. He took less to go to BAL.

    2. Just for the hell of it...
      I feel fine but, I can't pitch or hold down 2nd base anymore...not at 76 years old anyhow! But, at 69 I had won my 6th batting title in a row and closed out my last game, they said I was too old to play with the 40 and over baseball team and the insurance wouldn't cover me! It was nice of them to let me keep managing the team!!! LOL

      My question to one and all is; because he feels fine is that good enough?


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