Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pinch Hitting Guest Blogger: Jerry Evans

In our latest pinch hitting guest blogger we get an article from my very good friend, drinking buddy, twitter follower, and all around good guy Jerry Evans. I will say this in open forum that I love this guy and he is like a member of my extended family. I am very excited to have Jerry on here with his first blog post and I hope you enjoy his take on the new acquisitions. Here is a short bio about Jerry from himself:

So I would start off saying that being a Yankees fan when you’re not in New York is pretty rough. Just to prove your loyalty or fandom to the local fans of whatever team is in the town you’re in. Then them knowing you’re a Yankees fan, the second they lose or rumors start circling around you’ll be the first to hear it even though you've been on twitter to vent about it or ESPN a million times to get the score correct. That being said I grew up a Yankees fan as long as I can remember. A handful of people I know have respect for me being a Yankees fan so far away from New York probably because its not a bandwagon thing or because they have the most money thing, its a loyalty thing.

-Jerry Evans

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The one thing I get hassled about at work nowadays is with the Yankees new acquisitions is their age. I know that's a big thing with us, we sign an all star four or five years after their prime. “How old is your outfield?” a friend of mine asked and the answer is, wait for it, 173 years old and that's not including Vernon Wells because I just consider him a DH nowadays. With Curtis Granderson gone and with the Yankees acquiring Jacoby Ellsbury you can’t really compare last seasons stats. Curtis was gone over half the season with those hand injuries but I’m just glad to have a solid replacement for him. Another player the Yankees got during the offseason is Carlos Beltran which is going to add to our home run count, he’s still got the defense, and his postseason numbers are ridiculous. We also needed a catcher with some pop and I think Brian McCann is just that. A lefty who hits 20 or so HR's consistently with good defense. So as long as he’s healthy we shouldn't have a problem. The only thing I’m looking forward to getting is some more help on the starting pitching side because that has always been our weak point. See you all on the road to 28. 

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