Monday, December 2, 2013

Yankees Coaching Staff Notes

Just a couple minor notes from the Yankees coaching staff in the organization:

Pro Scout Rick Williams has left the New York Yankees organization for an opportunity in the same role for the Atlanta Braves. Williams and Braves GM Frank Wren have been friends for quite some time now as they used to play baseball together and both spent time with the Florida Marlins in their organization so the deal makes sense for both sides. Williams was said to scout potential pitching pick ups at the trading deadline and since we haven't done much of that lately I guess this won't be the biggest of losses.

AA Trenton Thunder hitting coach Justin Turner is not coming back for the 2014 for an undisclosed reason. Usually do not hear about these things after a team wins a championship but maybe this is for personal reasons or reasons that better Mr. Turners career and life. Marcus Thames, the guy that hit that home run off of Randy Johnson, is currently the High A Tampa Yankees hitting coach and is likely to get the job.

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  1. Robinson more, please !!...............
    Yankees, put the train back on the tracks. Be the lead dog.. The salaries are out of control. Don't blink !!
    4-5 years, at a fair wage. Take it or leave it.

    He will be 35-36 at that point. Most likely heading southbound. Not to Ellijay.
    You can't tell me that the Yankees can not find a very good 2nd baseman, if they tried?
    All that crazy money saved, will bring the Yankees forward.
    Tell him, for god sakes.......take it or leave it.
    Enough of this crap. Go to Seattle, or the Mets....go.

    ***** hows my chum slick ? You read this, speak up.


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