Monday, December 2, 2013

Brendan Ryan Deal Becomes Official

The deal between Brendan Ryan and the New York Yankees is official with the announcement today and Ryan being added to the 40 man roster. The 40 man currently sits at 39 after the Chris Stewart trade as we wait for Brian McCann to officially become a Yankee and steal that last spot. Ryan signed a deal for two years worth $4 million with a club option for a third year and another $2 million. If the club option is declined then Ryan has a $1 million players option for 2016 for an overall AAV of $2 million $1.67 million. Ryan will be the ultimate insurance policy for Derek Jeter and will be a Yankees short stop for at least the next two seasons.


  1. SOME CAN'T is the case with Brendon Ryon. I can't sing, he can't hit.

    But he is is a superb fielder. The best pick-up of 2013. That good.
    If Ryan could hit, he would be Jeter's replacement.
    If Ryan could hit, he would not of been obtainable.

    Nothing against the other 508 infielder try outs from last year. I wish them well, and appreciated
    their efforts. But, this is guy....calms the waters, as the Yankees move forward. Four stars !

  2. Thank the baseball gods, about time we had we do in CF...that can save us runs.
    Math problem of the week;
    A run given up is worth 2 runs, a run saved is worth two runs, Why?

    Take your best shot guys!!!!!

    1. Gotta build up the middle defensively, right?

    2. You got it daniel...
      If one gives up a run, it takes our team making two to win right? I like very good solid defense up the middle always! Posada was ok but, not a good defensive catcher by any standards. I would welcome a good "D" catcher with a avg. bat in his place any time. Too many passed balls and bad throws to 2nd base.
      Anyone know how well McCanns defense stacks up?

    3. McCann's defense is considered adequate. Allows a ton of base stealers.

    4. Kiss the Blarney Stone for sure!
      What good is he if he can't keep baserunners at home, he sure is not going to hit 25 HRs a year...or is he? Hell, Romine is better than that, Cisco maybe a bit better.
      $#@%^&$#@ and besides that...his feet don't match.
      Hitting doesn't make up for bad throwing when the pitcher has a man on 2nd every time he gives up a hit...I sure hope he is better than avg!
      Dave Kingman hit the hell out of the ball but, couldn't play even avg. defence...the defferece is, Kingman hit a lot of HRs.


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