Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MLB Approves Protective Hats For Pitchers

Major League Baseball has approved protective fitting hats for pitchers and has named  them isoBLOX. While no one in the majors or the minors will be required to wear them they do have the option to test them out this Spring Training if they so choose. The product weighs six to seven ounces more than your normal cap, which doesn't seem like it would weigh you down or be overly annoying, and a half inch of bulk in the front which looks awkward. Safety before fashion is what I always say, well I don't really ever find myself saying that but you get the message.

We all know the stories of pitchers getting hit in the head with line drive balls and the injuries being career and life threatening, see Brandon McCarthy, so I am 100% on board with this decision. J.A Happ was hit in the head last season as well as Alex Cobb so this is happening more and more, even Doug Fister got hit in the 2012 World Series, and the change needed to be made and I am glad that it was made.


    I can not contain myself. Please forgive me. But this is a softball...............
    These hats for pitchers. Who will wear such a device ? Are hockey masks next ?
    Remember the movie " The Man Behind the Iron Mask ?"

    The only people that wound wear these hats, and think nothing of it....is the group
    that sank.... the Yankee Fans Unite site.

    1. I bet Brandon McCarthy will, he almost died after being hit in the head. David Huff might, A Rod beaned him in the head with a line drive before he was a Yankee. For a 7 year deal and 155 million Tanaka should.

    2. All do respect..I think next to no one will wear those things.
      Even some of the names you mentioned.

    3. They are not as obvious as the batting helmets are... a half an inch?

      You may be right though but I know McCarthy will, he is the one that pushed for it and helped design it

      Think twasp would?

    4. TWASP ?....I can't lump him in with Yankee Fans Unite. But, I think that his girlfriend
      ....iTarsier, would insist that he would look stunning in one. Twasp, would then buy twelve.

  2. NELSON CRUZ...now, there's a bat, that would be great off the bench.
    Forget the PED thing, he admitted wrong doing, and he did his time.
    A power bat, that scares pitchers.

    1. Right handed bat helps too... we don't have the roster room. Not unless he learns to be a third catcher or an infield position like first base


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