Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keith Law Ranks Yankees Farm #20 In League

Keith Law has posted his annual list ranking all 30 Major League Team's farm systems and apparently Mr. Law is not a fan of the New York Yankees farm system. The Yankees farm, even with Mason Williams and Gary Sanchez, was ranked #20 in the league. A subscription is required to read his ranking unfortunately so we will just have to go with this paraphrase and also included is a quote from Law as to why he ranked the Yankees so low:

“It seemed like everyone who mattered in this system got hurt in 2013, and of those who didn’t had disappointing years.” 

The Houston Astros are ranked as the top team followed by the Twins, and the Pirates in the top three. The three worst teams on the list in order were the Tigers, Angels, and Brewers. Surprisingly I thought the Cardinals would be higher and the Brewers not so bad but that's baseball I guess.

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