Friday, January 31, 2014

Reminder: Prospects Month Starts Here Tomorrow

If you guys haven't noticed I have been unusually quiet on the blog and on Twitter especially lately and that is because I have been working really hard on our second annual Prospects Month here on the blog. Prospects Month starts tomorrow and will go all the way through February. We will introduce you to more than a few of the Yankees prospects, look back at the Yankees stars when they were prospects, interview a guy or two, and bring you everything you need to know about the Yankees farm.

Prospects Month is my baby and I have been putting everything I have into it this season so I hope you all check in often, hopefully daily, and really enjoy what I have put into this month. I am a huge prospects guy and this is honestly my favorite time of the year, enjoy and don't forget to join the discussion we have going on in our comments section of the site. We have a great nucleus growing and it can only get better with you guys coming and joining the discussion.

Check in tomorrow and every day in February for Prospects Month here on The Greedy Pinstripes.

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