Sunday, January 26, 2014

Speculation On Other Teams Bids For Tanaka

I was browsing MLB Trade Rumors this morning when I ran across an article that I can only assume is  speculating and revealing the top bids for Masahiro Tanaka. It was originally posted by Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, SEEN HERE. In the article he states that "one GM handicapped" the Tanaka bidding but the GM is unknown so take that for what you will. Here is the list:

Yankees - $155 million
Cubs - $120 million
Diamondbacks - $120 million
Dodgers - $119 million
White Sox - $100 million
Astros - $100 million

And now we know what Tanaka meant when he said the "Yankees wanted him more" it meant they offered the most money, and it wasn't even close. Get greedy!

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